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Breaking News: Water is wet



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Breaking News: Water is wet
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"She loves her coconut oil, shea butter, black soap, olive oil, natural hair, saggy clothes, long dresses, hair wraps, twist outs, lemon water, green tea, grapes, sunflowers, friends, family, and future.
What’s a label? She doesn’t have one"

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man i love this more than anything

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I feel so happy about this

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Black women look like gold in the summertime.

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Obama and _____

The white house has never seen so many black people…

except for when it was built.

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"To live in peace is to live free."
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Characteristics of Genuinely Low Self-Esteem →


1. Social withdrawal

2. Anxiety and emotional turmoil

3. Lack of social skills and self confidence,

4. Depression and bouts of sadness

5. Less social conformity

6. Eating disorders

7. Inability to accept compliments

8. An inability to see yourself “squarely” - to be fair to ypurself


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Blood makes you related.
Loyalty makes you family.


Blood makes you related.

Loyalty makes you family.

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Anonymous asked: how do I love myself exactly?



Well, you can love yourself by forgiving yourself for falsely telling yourself you’re anything but worthy, perfect, whole and complete.  Forgive yourself for any negative self-talk.  Forgive yourself for not recognizing how beautiful and divine you are, naturally.  Forgive yourself for not honoring your temple and not honoring your worth. Speak the language of love.  Love yourself by putting YOU first.  Love yourself by honoring yourself enough to get rid of negative people who don’t want you to be who you are.  Love yourself by spending time doing the things you love.  Love yourself by doing the work that needs to be done.  Love yourself by believing in yourself.  Love yourself by ACCEPTING yourself. Love yourself by giving yourself peace of mind.  Love yourself by living in the present moment.  Love yourself by treating yourself to hot bubble baths.  Love yourself by smiling wider, laughing harder and living freely.  

Start now.  I support you.  

Watch this video for inspiration <3

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Angelica summing up what having responsibilities really means.

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The Music Industry Hates Black People | RapRehab →



Interesting article. Thoughts?

I was thinking about the same thing the day when he (Bobby Shumurda) was being interviewed on the breakfast club and they said he was the hottest artist in ny when their a whole bunch of artist out here who have more talent and rap about positive stuff

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